Update Skynerd Network v3.0 Patch Notes
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10 Apr 2021
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26 Sep 2021

Skynerd Network v3 Beta


This Version is Beta of v3 as When are Bedwars is Back We Will Make a Small Update of v3 Beta ---> v3


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Survival Reset

Server Re Open at 3:00 - 3:15 Pm IST


For Now Only Survival is Open and The New Features are Listed Below


1 - Custom Starter Base
This Starter base Is In a Form of Chest in Your Inventory. When You place the chest the house will be formed.


2 - Custom Starter Kit
A New Simple Starter Kit has Been Made a Image is Below Given.


3 - Scoreboard Patter Changed
A New Scoreboard Theme/template Added. Image Given Below


4 - Warp Menu Added
A New warp Menu Added which can be access via /warp


5 - More Sites added for voting
You Can vote using /vote. A Event is Coming A Player with Highest Votes will be given a Paid Rank.

6 - Many Good Voting Rewards are added in Vote Crate
You can get vote crate key by voting us by /vote

7 - Custom Recipes added
A Full List will be open Publically Soon

8 - Crossplay Enabled
Now Bedrock Players can Play with Java Players
Bedrock Ip and Port
IP = play.skynerd.net
Port = 25962

9 - A New Paid Rank is added to store which is Cheap and Reliable The Name is Omega Rank.
More Info is On Our Store Click Here To See Rank Perks


More feature will be added in Complete v3 Realease

Java Ip = play.skynerd.net


If You Find any Error , bug Please report staff via our own discord server
To Join Discord Server Click Here


You Can also donate Us Via Our Store By Purchasing Rank. Click Here To Go To Store.

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